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Nuclear Power [2]
Nuclear power plants, natural disasters, lying united states government, haarp weather modification weapons
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Main » 2011 » June » 30 » Nuclear Disaster Never in America
3:57 PM
Nuclear Disaster Never in America
I created this blog on Nuclear Power, natural and man made disaster in America and the entire world to keep people informed that want to to stay informed on any nuclear situation or disaster that provides a threat to our very existence on planet earth.

As a Nature Goddess I do not condone the use of weather modification weapons or nuclear power to wipe out or destroy populations or wildlife. Those evil forces and persons that condone this type malicious unlawful activity against our fellow human beings need to get of this earth now. Sign our petition if you agree or disagree.

I am about to provide for you videos, articles and resources of informed groups and individuals who have been watching the evil forces of the united states government set up our country along with other countries for many horrible man made disasters.  Get ready and stay prepared.

Anyone who wants to contribute their time, information and knowledge to this site please do so. The time is now to take back our planet from those inhumane people who are dead set on destroying planet earth and everything on it.

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